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Important Information
June 14, 2012 07:03 AM PDT
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The podcast has undergone come changes, including a move to another provider. Listen in for all the details.

or simply visit SCRIBBLERDNB.COM and get the latest mix and new feed.

Scribbler: KOMATIC (Shogun/Spearhead/Viper)
February 03, 2012 04:07 AM PST
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We're treated to an exceptionally smooth, soulful and varied mix from Komatic. An artist that has been creating tracks of the highest quality on the top tier labels. As well as the smoother sounds, Komatic has also unleashed some huge energetic dancefloor tracks, especially with his in collaborations with Technicolour. Great music from a great producer.


Rotary Motion - Technicolour, Komatic & LSB [Integral Dub]
Hills To Climb - Kyshido [Ldnb Music]
Chloe's Exodus - Loz Contreras [Dub]
The Glow - Technicolour & Komatic [SGN:LTD Dub]
Serendipity - Technicolour, Komatic & LSB [Integral Dub]
Virgo - Marcus Intalex [Dispatch]
Painted Smile - Commix [Metalheadz]
Don't Say It - LSB [Dub]
Machines Make Magic - Random Movement [Dub]
Sirens feat. Ayah (Bladerunner remix) - Bungle [Dub]
Ever After - Technicolour & Komatic [Fokuz Dub]
Possessive - Foreign Concept [SGN:LTD]
Aeeh - Subwave [Metalheadz]
Waterboard - Optiv [Quarintine]
Madness (BCee remix) - Robert Manoss [Dub]
Earth Turns - Komatic [Celsius Dub]
Stay feat. Jayma (BCee remix) - Technicolour & Komatic [Spearhead Dub]
Free Me - Schematic [Dub]
Ascension - Techinicoulour [Fokuz]
Favela Stories - Loz Contreras [Dub]
Ultra Clean - Icicle & Commix [Shogun]
When You Come Home - Komatic [Celsius Dub]
All Of My Love (Technicolour & Komatic remix) - LSB [Spearhead Dub]
We Were Always One - Komatic [SGN:LTD Dub]

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/komatic
Radio: http://bassdrive.com (every Monday 4-6pm GMT)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/komaticmusic
Twitter: http://twitter.com/komaticmusic


Komatic is a Bedford based producer, originally from the North East of England. Komatic first found drum and bass through listening to tape packs back in early 1992 / 1993. It was from these packs that Komatic desperately wanted to DJ and be involved. This led to a residency at Raindance, wining the ‘breaking new talent competition’ at Helter Skelter and various pirate radio slots, not to mention being a runner up in a national student DJ competition to find the best student DJ in the country, held at the Ministry of Sound. After some hard saving for a computer, he hasn’t stopped making music since.

Over the last few years, things have started to progress. The first was making it onto BBC 1xtra’s playlist with ‘Ring The Alarm’, Komatic’s first release. Komatic continued to get support from 1xtra with DJ’s Chrissy Chris and Bailey all running tunes such as ‘Viscous’, ‘Night Drive’, ‘Solution’ and ‘Human Kinetic’. Support from Nerm & DCode on Radio 1 has also followed, with his ‘Black and Gold remix’ becoming a permanent fixture on the shows. ‘Viscous’ has since been signed to Spearhead, ‘Lucid’ and ‘Night Fell’ signed to Phunkfiction, ‘Jazz Club’ and ‘Remain Free’ to Frequency Factory and ‘Simple Complexities’ to Ennex Records. This exposure also landed him a weekly radio show on Bassdrive.

Komatic has since been working with Technique’s ‘Technicolour’, and so far their styles of production and music have been a perfect compliment to each other. The collaborations are going from strength to strength, and definitely tunes to look out for in the future.

AIM: Scribblerdnb

Scribbler: RAVAGER (Simplify/Direct)
December 12, 2011 09:20 AM PST
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A huge talent from Poland. Ravager is stamping his mark firmly onto the dancefloor with his mighty synth and high-energy rich melodies. His tracks are rapidly finding their way into the collections of the worlds finest DJs for good reason. This is an outstanding mix full of energy and variety that'll keep you dancing.


Rocket Fuel - Ravager [Philosophy Dub]
Crush On You - Nero & Knife Party [MTA]
>> Rude Boy (TC Remix) - Rihanna [Island Def Jam]
Gospel Truth - DJ Samurai [Sudden Def]
Friendly Intentions - Noisia [Vision]
Hollow VIP - Kinetik & Treo [Dub]
Send Dem - Serial Killaz [Titan]
Know Us (Ravager Drumstep remix) - Love and Light & Jillian Ann [Simplify]
Tonight - Wilkinson [Ram]
Raindrops - Ravager (Inv3rsion remix) [Simplify]
Extraterrestrials (Drumstep VIP) - Ravager [Darkvibe]
Do You Love - Sigma [Life]
>> Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Ravager [Dub]
Raindrops - Ravager [Simplify]
Reminisce - Camo & Krooked [Hospital]
Enchanted - Ravager [Dub]
Moods - Sidius & Rawkus [Steam]
True Born Playa - Gridlok & Prolix [Playaz]
Missing You (Zen remix) - Ravager [Direct]
Colorful - Geneticbros feat. Profit [Artist]
Ryon - Trippcore [Digital Colour]
Skylights (Phetsta remix) - Livewire & Indivision [Climate Dub]
>> Rolling In The Deep (Nu:Tone remix) - Adele [Hospital]
Long Distance - Fred V & Grafix [Allsorts]
Arcade 2011 - Trippcore & Ad Gannon [Dub]
The Light - L.A.O.S & Trei [Viper]
Love - Geneticbros [Talkin Beatz]
Only For Your Love - Livewire & Indivision [Dub]
Time (Ad Gannon remix) - Chase & Status [Dub]
Demons (Trippcore remix) - Fenech Soler [Dub]
Words & Ideas - Ravager & Livewire [Climate]
Sunbeam - Ravager [Philosophy Dub]
Piano Anthem - Sonic feat. Diane Charlemagne [Hospital]
Mumbo Jumbo - Trei [Viper]
B.R.I.S.T.O.L - Danny Byrd feat. MC Risky [Hospital]
Everyday (Netsky VIP remix) - Rusko [Hospital]
So Good (Geneticbros remix) - Hirshee feat. Tonye Aganaba [Big Fish]
Yellow Shoes - S.P.Y & Marky [Innerground]
The World Is On Your Shoulders - Ravager [Dub]
Funk You - Camo & Krooked [Hospital]
Stomp - Subfocus [Ram]
Sack Full (Ravager remix) - Blunt Instrument [Simplify]
Spitfire (Kill The Noise remix) - Porter Robinson [Owsla]
Pitfall - Inside Info & Sidius [Steam]
Nightdrive - Metrik [Viper]
Runaway - Ravager [Dub]

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/ravager
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ravagerdnb
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ravagerdnb
Google+: glpl.us/ravager
Flavors.me: http://flavors.me/ravager



One of the most active Polish drum'n'bass producers. His tunes were appreciated not only by wide audience from his home country, but also received lots of support from the major drum'n'bass DJs from all over the world.

Latest single on Direct Recordings called 'Missing You' remixed by one of the top jump up producers - DJ Zen (Flip Audio/Grid Rec./Ganja Rec.). gained attention of wide audience by reaching number #1 in Drum'n'Bass Arena Download Charts. Also received good marks from the major scene stars like f.e. Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket or Crystal Clear.

Ravager tracks are were aired on the most respectable radio stations, incl. BBC Radio 1, BBC 1xtra, Bassdrive & Kool FM and podcasts







Scribbler: BREDREN (BE/Proximity/Break-Fast)
November 02, 2011 03:02 PM PDT
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Not yet a very well known artist, but the music produced by this Belgian duo speaks for itself, being probably the best minimal I've heard this year. Keep an ear our for tracks such as Eclipse, Pulsar and Habitat, all being released very shortly, with Pulsar out Nov 7th on Proximity.


Going Nowhere (Breakage remix) - Magnetic Man feat. John Legend [White Label]
Lost Sector - Mute & Mako [Ingredients]
I'm Free - Alix Perez [Shogun]
The Path (Skeptical remix) [Ingredients]
Out There - Dub Phizix [Ingredients]
Brain Freeze - Fracture & Neptune feat. Martin Fieber [Astrophonica]
Provide - Villem [Utopia]
Guillotine (Breakage remix) - Phobia & Jubei [Coded]
Inner Disbelief - D Bridge [Exit]
Last Minute - Amoss [Horizons]
Habitat - Bredren [Break-Fast Audio]
Radiation - Foreign Concept & DBR UK [Samurai]
Cracker - Enei, Eastcolours & Noel [Critical]
Dreadnaught - Icicle feat. SP:MC [Shogun]
Pulsar - Bredren [Proximity]
Severance - Amoss [Insight]
Signal Drop - Joe Syntax [MedSchool]
Eclipse - Bredren [Break-Fast Audio]

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/bredrendnb
Facebook fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bredren/215471041837626
Facebook account: Bredren Dnb
Booking address: bredren@hotmail.be
AIM: BredrenBE




Scribbler: SMOOTH (Viper)
October 18, 2011 05:18 PM PDT
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Big mix from Smooth. For those not in the know, Smooth is a highly talented emerging artist, who's high energy synth tracks are tearing up dancefloors. Watch out for his new EP landing on Viper very soon!


Shifting Sands - Smooth feat. Shaz Sparkz [Viper]
Word & Ideas - Livewire & Ravager [Climate]
Bang The Drum - Blockhe4d [Bad Taste]
Comsos - Smooth [Viper]
Cruify Me - ShockOne feat. Phesta [Viper]
Build - Genetic Bros [Viper]
Wanna Hear - Som & Chris Su [Subtitles]
Crackdown (ShockOne remix) - Brookes Brothers [Viper]
Ohrwurm - Culture Shock [Ram]
Da Instigata - Som & Hooves feat. Rugged Tek [Som Music]
Protection - Culture Shock [Ram]
Shelter - Matrix [Viper]
BlindCobblersThumb(Tantrum Desire rmx)- Futurebound [Viper]
Pay Your Own Way - Tantrum Desire [Technique]
Copperhead - State Of Mind & Hoove [Som Music]
Make The Call feat. TC - Camo & Krooked [Hospital]
Basement Track - High Contrast [Hospital]
Genesis - Metrik [Viper]
Mercury Skies (Subsonik remix) - John B [Beta]
Blinded By The Light - Smooth [Viper]

fanpage: facebook.com/lukasmooth
bookings: kpristolic@gmail.com






Luka Per aka Smooth was introduced to music at 10 when he began to practice piano. He practiced it for about 3 years and later on he became more interested in guitar, also in such genres as metal, hardcore etc.
When a couple of years passed by he attended his first drum n bass party and he was stoaked! It was very soon after that he decided not just to love this music but also to make his own tunes.
Now he has been making beats for about 6 years. First release was in quite distant 2005 on Touchiní down records from which Lost Cause was played a lot from various djs.
As he researched sound more and more, he decided that his sound just wasn't good enough, so he shut him self in the studio and waited till 2008 when his improving sound was noticed by Dementia and together with Rregula they released Obfuscate on Trust in music 12?. Between there and now he released Space attack on Recon and massive Out of time on Ruse records. Then he was picked up by the massive Viper collective. He had his debut release on the label on "Acts Of Mad Men" album which was pronounced "Album of the Week" by Zane Lowe on Radio1. He also had a single on Vipers sister label Viper VIP witch included tracks 7th Sense and Squirm and later on he did a big remix for John B feat. Shaz Sparks - Red Sky with his friend Subsonik and another single on Viper VIP with tunes Feel so Free, Music Takes Me Higer and Micro.Now he has prepared an EP witch is coming out soon on Viper rec.
Dj support from the likes of Matrix and Futurebound, DJ Hype, Andy C, Concord Dawn, Netsky, Danny Byrd and many more!

Scribbler: ALTER EGO (Dopetek/Magma)
June 13, 2011 11:26 AM PDT
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Alter Ego joins us on the podcast to deliver a mix for those that like their drum'n'bass hard and grimey.


End Of The World - Alter Ego [Dopetek Records]
Uv Lost It - Rico & Scoop [Abducted Records]
Unknown - Taskho [N/A]
Tomahawk - Alter Ego [Magma Recs]
Relentless - Deli J [Dopetek Recs]
In Your Face - Alter Ego [N/A]
Little Green Men (Neionlight remix) - Rico & Scoop [N/A]
Coming Back - Alter Ego [Dopetek Recs]
Answer - Cinkoz [N/A]
Tell Me feat. Keri Greenaway (DnB Club remix) - Task Horizon & Tim Kleinert
Untitled Dub - Alter Ego, Scoop & Canimos [Live & Dangerous]
Untitled Dub - Alter Ego, Scoop & Repetition [Live & Dangerous]
Tell Me feat. Keri Greenaway (Radio Edit) - Rico & Scoop [N/A]
Solid - Cinkoz [N/A]
Third Moon - Mind Warden [Live & Dangerous]
Mad Society - Manacing Methodz [Global Domination]
Vengence - Shimon [N/A]
Purgatory (Task Horizon remix) - Kryteria [N/A]
Duel - DJ Gunna [N/A]
Shockwave - Alter Ego [Dopetek Recs]
Running In The Night feat. Keri Greenaway - Mystical Sound [Live & Dangerous]





Dj / Producer Alter Ego. (Michael Bowles) has worked on
Drunken Masters "Dope Ammo" label tuning his craft, with collaborations
which have received acclaim amongst the Drum and Bass community.
In Aug 05 he was BBC 1Xtra's cutting room winner.
He was then signed to Maximum Ammo Records,
founded by Coco (Dope Ammo) & Dj Swan-E (Maximum Boost) for new up and coming artists.
His 1st release was "Mortal Kombat" MA002, this tune showed everyone what he was all about.
After the success of his last release he hit the scene with a dance floor bomb
"Space Race" MA004 which was heavily supported by 1xtra,
Brockie, Zinc, Mampi Swift, Darren Jay, Nicky Blackmarket & J Majik etc..
He then followed up with "Infection / Every Single Sound" MA005 carrying on his trade mark style.
By now he had started getting a name for himself,
and in Sept 07' he got a track signed by Mickey Finns new imprint label Finn People Productions,
which has already seen the likes of Modified Motion, Ego Trippin and Urb n Dub.
Now in 2010 he is also working for many labels includin:.Live & Dangerous, Dopetek Recs, Magma Recs, Karma Digital, Mercury Audio Recs, Global Domination, Ruff DnB (Also currently working on tracks for) Lava Recs, Ten Ton Beats, Pitbull Recs

Scribbler: MUTATED FORMS (Grid/Metalheadz/Spearhead)
June 01, 2011 05:45 PM PDT
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This diverse trio, originally from Estonia, have been making a huge mark on the dnb scene in the UK and worldwide with their broad diverse sound and high end productions. Mutated Forms continue to be amongst the very best for pushing drum'n'bass into new directions.


Right Now - S.I.N & Mutated Forms [Spearhead]
Mercenary Dub VIP 2 - Bladerunner [36 Hertz]
Cracker (Jubei remix) - Enei, Eastcolours & Noel [Critical]
In My Head (Mutated Forms remix) - Fred V [Cue]
Swordfish - Shimah [Playaz]
Celestial Navigation - Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y [Soul:R]
Imaginary Numbers - IllSkillz [IllSkillz]
Anything - Sinistar feat. Grimm [N/A]
Just Play - Technicolour & Komatic [Viper]
Talk To Me - S.I.N & Mutated Forms [Spearhead]
Turn The Lights Off - S.P.Y [Hospital]
Everytime - Wilkinson [RAM]
Trash Humpers - Digital, Raiden & Outrage [Temah]
Subterrestrial - The Prototypes [Shogun]
Moving Fast - Enei [Critical]
Unknown Tune - Unknown Artist [N/A]
Mycoplasmosis - 2Sides [N/A]
Sightlines feat. Jono McCleery - Joe Syntax [Med School]
Crowlin - Mutated Forms [Metalheadz]
Bitter Taste feat. DRS - Icicle [Shogun]
Signal Drop - Joe Syntax [Med School]
Wastegash - Mutated Forms [Grid]





Making music began as a hobby for the trio of Estonian producers known as Mutated Forms. Original members Alexander (Zub) and Artiom (G-ruff) started experimenting with different genres of electronic music using any and all software they could find. They were then later joined by a third member Alex H, an experienced DJ who joined the crew in 2004. Their big break came in 2006 when Formation Records DJ SS signed one of their tracks ‘My Feeling’ to his World Of Drum and Bass imprint.

Impressed by the quality and diversity of the music emerging from the Mutated studio a certain Twisted Individual signed several tracks to labels within his Grid Recordings stable, and in the early stages of 2009, after working on single projects for a couple of years Mutated Forms signed exclusively to the Grid Recordings group.

Since then there has been one big change within the group, with one third of the outfit, G-Ruff, relocating to Birmingham, UK. Thanks to the amazing advances in technology over the past decade being several hundred miles apart doesn’t seem to have affected this trio’s creativity. The quality and diversity of music emerging from Mutated Forms studios in the UK and Estonia have made them one of the hottest talents in the Drum and Bass world. Receiving regular support from a wide cross section of tastemakers from Metalheadz Goldie to BBC legend Fabio, this trio is becoming renound for producing some of the freshest and most innovative music around. Never restricted or pigeon holed to a particular sub-genre, their sound has constantly mutated and evolved.

It should come as no surprise then that the likes heavyweight DJ's such as, Marky, Goldie, Grooverider, Bailey, London Elektricity, Hype and SS, are currently supporting their tracks on the circuit, alongside spins from many of the most forward thinking producers in the game.

Tipped as one’s to watch in 2011 by the legendary Fabio on BBC Radio 1 and with a number of remixes, new productions and an album in the pipeline, keep your eyes peeled for their next move!

Scribbler: TRISECTOR ( Med School)
January 06, 2011 12:34 PM PST
itunes pic

(Med School)

An incredibly talented artist, that takes the murky genres of dnb, and disects them further into his own unique variety of raw sounds. His productions get better and better, so be sure to check out his backcatalogue, to understand why his tunes have been in the record bags of the worlds top DJs since his very first single.


Failsafe - Trisector [Lifestyle]
Junk 8 - Dak [Lightless Digital]
The Causeway - Data [Influence]
Escape Velocity - Eleven 8 & Kessla [Dub]
Understory - Rebel Cause [Dub]
Who's Next? - Trisector & Sol.ID [Dub]
Cracker - Enei, Eastcolours & Noel [Critical]
Don't Look Down - Break, Calyx & Teebee [Symmetry]
Lifeforms VIP - Trisector [Dub]
Underprint - Alix Perez & Noisia [Invisible]
Airhead - Matrix [Virus]
Does Not Compute - Trisector & Infader [Hustle Audio]
The Limit - Fracture & Neptune [Astrophonica]
The Turnover - Trisector [Lifestyle]
Dead End - Trisector & Dejaru [Nerve]
Coherence - Naraka [Vampire]
The Cleaner - Hybris [Critical]
Third Glance - FD [Critical]
Out Of Nowhere - Defence [Dub]
Morning Rain - Trisector [Med School]
Piemo For B - Seba [Paradox Music]





Trisector aka Otto Hassinen was inspired to create music from an early age having been heavily influenced by the music blasting out of his Commodore 64 and the Bruce Springsteen and Beatles tapes his dad played in the car. He got his first PC at the age of 11 and it wasn't long before he was experimenting with tracker software and samples to create all kinds of different styles of music. After a voyage of musical discovery taking him through the realms of punk rock, indie, dub techno and IDM, Otto discovered the amen break thanks to an LTJ Bukem mix CD and suddenly found himself primarily listening to and creating drum+bass.

Still fascinated by a wide variety of music, he unleashed his first release in 2004 on UK label Heavy Disco as one half of Finnish breakbeat/dubstep duo Takomo. Aided by DJ support from breakbeat heavyweights Annie Nightingale, Jay Cunning and Tayo, ten heavyweight Takomo releases followed on labels such as Botchit, Destructive and Urban Graffiti. DJ dates came thick and fast, presenting the boys with a chance to play all over Europe from Finland to Spain and Russia to the UK.

Otto rekindled his relationship with drum & bass in 2007 and began redeveloping his sound at 170bpm under the name Trisector. He quickly gained support from Blu Mar Ten, ASC, Muffler, Physics and Resound and it wasn’t long before Hospital Records signed his tunes for their sister label Med School Music. In 2009 the debut Trisector single "Morning Rain" hit an unsuspecting drum+bass fraternity and was championed by High Contrast, Nerm (BBC radio) and London Elektricity amongst others. Trisector followed up with another Med School single "Lifeforms" at the end of the year, this time finding it’s way into the record bags of Survival, S.P.Y, Kasra, Loxy, Mutated Forms and Chris.SU.

Scribbler: TREI (Samurai Music)
October 03, 2010 05:35 AM PDT

(Samurai Music)

Having been a long time fan of Trei's productions, we're exstatic to have him feature on the podcast. A talent that had been waiting in the wings, that has since burst onto the scene in a massive way with his debut album "Innuendo", be sure to check it out and his forthcoming releases. We know he's an incredible producer, but this mix has affirmed his capabilities of also being able to smash it up on the decks, big set!


The Enemy Within - Concord Dawn ft. Thomas Oliver [Uprising]
>> Tuning (remix) - DKay [Metalheadz]
Wire Lead - Engage [Uprising]
Polaroid - Trei [Dub]
BottomFeeder (remix) - Gridlok [Project51]
The Jungle - Sigma [BBK]
Stand Up - Friction vs Camo & Krooked [Shogun]
By Your Side - Concord Dawn & Trei [Uprising]
Shatter - The Upbeats[Commercial Suicide]
Here We Go - Jade & State Of Mind [Dub]
Go With The Flow - S.P.Y [Ram]
I Wanna Be You (remix) - Night Bus [Dub]
Bittersweet Part 2 - Lenzman ft. Riya [SgnLtd]
Only One - Trei [Innerground]
Got Me Down - Psidream & Concord Dawn [Uprising]
Raiders - The Upbeats & Dose [Non Vogue]
Roulette - BSE, SOM & Bulletproof [SOM Music]
Gridlock (Break remix) - Ram Trilogy[Ram]
Beat'em Up (Tantrum Desire remix) - Zen [Flip Audio]
Digital Sound - L Plus [Mainframe]
Chronic VIP - Shock One [Viper]
Chemicals - Body & Soul [Nasca Recs]
Datahub - Chris SU [Dub]
Thunder Biscuit - Trei & State Of Mind [Samurai Music]





Stylistically inhabiting a musical landscape populated with driving jump-up drum breaks, angular melodic synthesiser patterns and driving pulse-like bass lines, as a musical entity TREi is a genuine composer and artist. In the space of what counts as four short years behind the consoles as a DJ and a producer, TREi has risen to the upper echelon of drum and bass in New Zealand. Resultantly, his music production and DJ skills are now raising eyebrows in all the right places across the globe.

In October 2009 TREi unveiled his debut album INNUENDO, through Samurai Music, quickly following it up with a successful New Zealand tour, his third DJ foray into the European market.

On the scene side of things, TREi linked deals to release fresh vinyl records in 2010 on respected international d&b record labels, Uprising Records and DJ Marky's Innerground Recordings and received extensive DJ support from DJ Hype and Andy C via a stellar collaboration with Kiwi d&b production pioneers Concord Dawn.

Having spent 2009 formalizing his blueprint for global success, 2010 is TREi’s year to show the world what he’s really made of - INNUENDO style.

For Booking Enquiries contact:
NEW ZEALAND sharon@nzmanagement.co.nz
AUSTRALIA deon@loaded.com.au
UK / EUROPE trei@nzmanagement.co.nz
RUSSIA info@royalpromotions.ru

Scribbler: ANDY MYSTIC (Nu Directions)
June 22, 2010 05:22 PM PDT

(Nu Directions)

Head of the outstanding and groundbreaking label, Nu Directions, Andy Mystic takes us deep into the ethos of the now firmly established label and shows us what future sounds lie ahead.


Karma - Muted [Santorin]
Crooked - Triad [Nu Directions]
The Hatch - Clart [Dub]
Solid Shout - Judda & Krakota [CIA Deepcut]
Lightworks - Switch [Nu Directions]
Trip Up - Need For Mirrors [Nu Directions]
Days Of Rain - Level 2 [Liquid V]
Anorak (Lynx remix) - Sinistarr [Nu Directions]
Dementia - Dub Phizix [Dub]
Nightrider - Seba [Nu Directions]
The Puzzle - Triad [Nu Directions]
Moving Pictures - Need For Mirrors [Dub]
Featherweight - Ulterior Motive [Subtitles]
Watch Ya Step (Need For Mirrors remix) - Kabuki [V Recordings]
Guttermouth - Subterra [Nu Directions]
Heatwave - The Insiders [Nu Directions]
Posion Apple - Need For Mirrors [Chronik]
Even Out - NotioN [Nu Directions]
Selfless - Sam KDC [Nu Directions]






Nu Directions was conceived in the summer of 1999 by Neil Hutchinson,
aka Tricksta, as a continuation of his previous label project Urban
Flavour, Nu Directions was formed as an outlet to release quality
musical and forward thinking drum & bass.

The first few releases on Nu Directions continued on an
atmospheric theme. As the drum & bass sound matured into the millennium
the label followed suit with an array of twelves from new and
established artists culminating in the labels first compilation
following the tenth release.

In May 2004 Nu Directions released their first solo artist LP in the
form of Environments by long-standing label servant ASC. A producer who
debuted through Nu Directions back in 2000 finally delivered a
groundbreaking LP for the concerning junglist and home listener alike.

Today Nu Directions has just entered its 11th year. It has clocked up a fine
reputation for releasing quality drum & bass.

Nu Directions also boasts a successful monthly club sessions
Nu:Motion. Held in the heart of the UKs drum & bass scene, east
London, Nu:Motion at 1001 Cafe is the perfect reflection of the ethos
and style of this small but long standing independent drum & bass

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